Digit Differ Mobile Bot

The bot makes some statistics of past ticks and decides which is the best time to take the trade.

It implements a 'special' money management strategy giving full control on the investment.

You specify before the amount you are willing to invest and the bot tells you the potential profit you will have, choosing between low, medium, high risk. The higher the risk the higher the potential profit.



Download it from your Android phone, double click on it and enjoy!


To create an API Token Key follow this tutorial


We can be hired to develop your own Binary.com bot.

Contact us and describe us your strategy: you will be amazed of our offer!


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WisyB News

Binary Wisy Pivot

WisyPivot® is a bot working with Binary.com exclusively.

It contains the most powerful state of the art strategies for Binary Options in the market.

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Wisy Digit Differ Bot

WisyDigitDifferBot® is a bot working with Binary.com exclusively.

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Wisy Digit Stats

The Wisy Digits Stats is a bot working with Binary.com exclusively.

It allows to collect a statistic for the last digit in a configurable loopback interval giving the results real time.

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